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How We (Finally) Found a Great Name for Our Second Child

How We (Finally) Found a Great Name for Our Second Child

Naming our first son, Bowie, was an absolute breeze. The first time I saw the name, I knew that that if we had a boy, that would be it. It was the perfect blend of cute, quirky, fun, unique and cool. The origin was even connected to our heritage, which is a big deal for us. There just was no other option.

On our car ride home from the 20-week ultrasound, where we found out we were, in fact, having a boy, I told my husband about the name. He, too was instantly sold. From that moment on, our son had a name.

And when he was born and we finally spilled the beans to everyone else about what his name was, they all thought it was great too. People love it, it's a great name, and I'm so glad I found it!


But now, we've got a second son, due in three weeks, to find a name for. And it has been the hugest challenge! How do you follow such a perfect name? How will we ever find something that fits all of our criteria: within our heritage, unique but not too "out there", and just really cool? And if we pick the "wrong" name, will he feel shafted?

And then add to all of this the fact the my first name and my husband's first name begin with B, and we (totally not on purpose) chose a B name for our first son. There's a lot of pressure to choose another B name, and there just is no B name jumping out at me. So, we've already chosen to forgo that option. And now, I'm saddled with guilt that he'll feel left out.


I have had a really hard time finding a name that hits me like a ton of bricks the way Bowie did the first time around. But there is one name we both like a lot, and that we've finally settled on: Ferris. It's relevant to our heritage, short, fun, semi-unique, and it didn't just jump right off the page of that baby name book. I really hope that this name doesn't make our second son feel any less cool than our first!

Naming kids is so hard. You're sending them off into the world, branded forever by the name you choose for them. People will make assumptions about them and form their whole opinion around them based just on that first name. Talk about pressure! But, there are some truly horrendous names out there, and I guess at least we can say we're not using one of those. Right?

Did you feel any pressure when choosing names for your child(ren)?

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