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How to Withstand the Parenting Sex Slump

How to Withstand the Parenting Sex Slump

After bringing home baby, it is expected that the romantic life you once had with your spouse takes a backseat to your new life. 

But what does it mean when that that baby gets older, two more babies are born, and those babies also begin growing...but your romantic life seems to still be taking a backseat to your current life?

Those late night pre-baby rendezvouses that happened more often than just late at night become a distant thought, especially at bedtime, when the warm embrace of your pillow and blanket is all you really need. Sleep. And lots of it.

Sometimes you wonder what keeps your marriage together when you know it is definitely not the good sex life you once had. Is it just luck or is there something more?

More often than not, the words you read above describe my life to a T. Planning to start a family early on in our marriage and deciding to have kids close together in age hasn't always made life easy. Juggling work, home, kids, and romance becomes a balancing act. A balancing act that is almost as easy as spinning plates on a pole without any crashing to the floor.

The only thing that makes any sense is starting out with a solid foundation.

A marriage based on a solid foundation can withstand any test, even becoming parents to three kids in less than three years. And because of this solid foundation, sometimes a late night rendezvous can be postponed longer than one would like.

When all is said and done, at the end of a busy day, sometimes the best kind of reconnecting is simply sitting on the couch, side by side, watching a little television and enjoying each others' easy company. Or turning out the lights, crawling into bed, and whispering an “I love you” as you both drift off to sleep. And maybe (just maybe) tomorrow night things will heat up instead.

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