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Ikea Recalls Patrull Nightlight

The Ikea Nightlight That Might Be in Your Child's Room Is Being Recalled

After a reported incident in Austria, Ikea has decided to recall its popular Patrull nightlight for being a potential electric shock hazard. When a young child attempted to unplug the light from the electrical outlet, its plastic cover detached, shocking the child and causing a minor hand injury.

The Patrull nightlight has been available in North America and Europe since August 2013, and it automatically turns on in the dark. The Swedish furniture retailer advises all customers to stop use of the product, which is available in white, orange, and pink.

If you own this item, you are entitled to a full refund at any location, without proof of purchase required. Although there haven't been any reported incidents in the US, be cautious and double-check that the nightlight in your room isn't the Patrull.

Image Source: Ikea
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