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Inspiring School Letter About Standardized Tests

Why This Elementary School Letter About Standardized Tests Is Going Viral

It's no secret that many schools have a hard time accepting the importance of standardized tests, especially when they don't account for what the teachers are really teaching and what the students are really learning.

Administrators at one such school, Beckon Vale Primary School in the UK, decided to let their students — and their parents — know their true feelings with a letter. The inspiring note, which was delivered to all sixth-grade students a week before the mandatory SATs exams, didn't tell them the importance of such testing. Instead, it told them how important they, the children, are.

The letter, also posted to the school's Facebook page, has been shared more than 60,000 times, but it isn't the first time it's gone viral. In fact, it isn't actually original to the school.


"These words were written by Mary Ginley back in 1999," Beckon administrators noted on Facebook. "Many schools have used them in the years before us and many will use them in the years after."

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