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Jamie Oliver Explains How a Chicken Nugget Is Made

Food Revolution: Secret Chicken Nugget Recipe

Update: There's more to chicken nuggets than meets the consumer's eye! CNN is now reporting that McDonald's chicken nuggets are made with a Silly Putty chemical. Are you still going to take your kids to the Golden Arches?

Even The Doctors are joining Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. On today's show, the British chef and the team of medical experts discussed how fatty and poor quality foods affect people's health. There are over 30 diseases associated with obesity, which is a direct result of the foods we eat and our lifestyles. In case you missed it when it originally aired, watch Jamie's demonstration of how some chicken nuggets are made before you reach into the freezer to bake up a quick dinner or take a spin through the drive-through. Dr. Jim Sears urged parents to read ingredients and look for whole white meat. Would you still serve your children processed food, or will you join Jamie's revolution?

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