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Jennifer Garner Quotes About Family and Motherhood

The Reasons Jennifer Garner Is the Most Relatable Celebrity Mom

Jennifer Garner Quotes About Family and Motherhood

From PTA meetings and school plays to little league and swim meets, being a parent means spending A LOT of time with fellow parents — like 'em or not. Sitting on the sidelines with parents you enjoy spending time with makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

And while we don't know her personally, every time we talk about the ideal celeb parent to sit beside, there's just one name that constantly rises to the top of the list: Jennifer Garner. The mom-of-three – who is often spotted on the sidelines of the many games Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel have played through the years – seems to be as hands-on and down-to-earth as it gets.

Read on for all of the reasons we vote Jennifer Garner as our new sidelines pal!

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