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Jessica Alba Interview For Honest Company's New Products

Jessica Alba Dishes on The Honest Company's Newest Products and the Diaper Design She Insisted on Using

Jessica Alba isn't slowing down one bit as her eco-friendly baby and household cleaning product company, The Honest Company, enters its sophomore year of operation. The mom of two — Honor, 4, and Haven, 1 — has spent the past few months introducing new products for the company and promoting her bestselling guide to healthy and chic living, The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You. On the final day of her publicity tour, she headed up to Greenwich, CT, to receive the Champion For Children Award from the Mount Sinai Hospital Children's Environmental Health Center.

It was there that Jessica and the company's cofounder, Christopher Gavigan, spilled the beans to POPSUGAR about the next area they'll enter: the health and wellness arena. At the end of the month, Honest will introduce organic toothpaste and organic vitamins (both prenatal and children's versions), two products that grew out of their own children's needs. Jessica explained, "I was given prescription prenatals from my OB, and not only were they crazy expensive, no matter how many samples he gave me, every one of them made me nauseous." Her new vitamins are free of artificial colors, scents, and flavors (they're flavored with real fruits) and kid-tested (and approved).

Here are some more highlights from the conversation.

Jessica on why she focuses on Honest diapers' design: "I think cute-factor is so important when you're looking at the little booger all day long!"


Jessica on how involved she is with the diapers' designs: "I'm really nitpicky. . . . That's where I was like, 'I'm obsessed with Alexander McQueen, he made skulls beautiful, we have to put skulls on a diaper.' And my partners were like, 'You're crazy; nobody's going to buy that!' And I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? Just try it!' It ended up being like our No. 1 diaper!"

Jessica on her favorite diaper design: "I'm really into the strawberries right now. I always loved Strawberry Shortcake, and [Haven's] a little ginger, so the strawberries look really cute on her."

Keep reading for more of Jessica's thoughts on her business and the power of the Internet.

Jessica on where she'd like to expand the business: "I want to do a little bathing-suit-like top or one of those little wetsuit tops to go with the bottoms . . . but, again, I think way too far. And I want to do little sun hats, too!"

Jessica on changing the industry: "I think once we take a big enough chunk of the marketplace in each category, then those bigger companies are going to pay attention. Right now they can fool us all with putting 'green' on it, but I think we're now becoming more savvy consumers."

Jessica on what she wishes she knew with her first pregnancy: "A lot of times I felt helpless. . . . I was so terrified of every single little decision and worrying so much about making the wrong decision. At the end of the day I was doing the best I could, and that's going to be good enough and to cut myself a little bit of slack."

Jessica on the power of the Internet: "I think I didn't really understand the power of community, and the way I consume was reading blogs at the end of the day. The new village is the Internet — it takes a village to raise a kid; that's our village. And not just stroller reviews or how to put a car seat into a car. . . . It's also kind of sharing your experience as a mom and having a community that can relate to your frustrations and then also the joyful moments."

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