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Jurassic Park Pregnancy Announcement Video

This Jurassic Park Pregnancy Announcement Video Is So Bad, Yet I've Watched It 17 Times Already

I've seen a lot of pregnancy announcements, and it's safe to say that there doesn't exist a cheesier, more poorly executed one than this video. And yet here I am, on my 23rd viewing of it, with no end in sight.

The one-minute clip is a scene literally straight out of Jurassic Park, but dad-to-be Ryan Porter opted to superimpose still images of his and his partner's disembodied heads on the lead actors as they discover, no, not a real-life dinosaur, but a real-life sonogram of a crying (?) baby over the body of a brachiosaurus. It's so bad that it's honestly incredible — Which I'd bet is probably the whole point, but still.

And just when you think it's too goofy to share, Jeff Goldblum comes in with his classic line: "You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it."

As much as I'd recommend the Porters take an introductory video editing course, they'll have their hands full come September when, as they so cleverly put it, "life finds a way." I just hope this kid knows what kind of horrendous-yet-catchy dad jokes are to come in their future.

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