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Kids Scared of Disney Characters

Kids Have Terrified — but Hilarious — Reactions to Disney Characters

Disney World is the happiest place on earth, or so we thought. For some of the park's youngest visitors, it is a place of terror. But it's not the Tower of Terror's 200-foot drop that has some kids in tears. Instead, it's the friendly faces they're used to seeing in their favorite movies and shows. We understand why characters may cause some children to cry. After all, they are giant, silent, masked men and women. Just because we understand it, however, doesn't mean we don't laugh when it happens. From rising shrills to a sibling's prank, check out these funny Disney World character moments.

Breakfast of Terror

He tried to be brave, but this tot totally freaked when Eeyore came to the table.

Think that was bad? Check out other terrified Disney reactions!

Stand Down, Soldier!

Someone didn't watch Toy Story. This little boy ran away when the Green Army Man came to life.

A Very Scary Goofy

As Goofy moves closer, Emma's screams get louder. Then again, she may have been hungry.

When Characters Cry

Beneath those big costumes are people with real feelings.

Even Kids Find It Funny

We're not the only ones who find this funny. This girl's little brother laughed out loud over her terrified reaction.

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