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Kourtney Kardashian Mom Shamed Nude Photo

Kourtney Kardashian Got Mom-Shamed Over a Photo That Has Nothing to Do With Parenting

The world of mom-shaming has nabbed another innocent celebrity mama recently, and this time the post in question has absolutely nothing to do with parenting. The latest victim? Kourtney Kardashian. The mother of three posted a tasteful nude photo to her Instagram on Jan. 11 in an effort to promote "fitness week" on her app. And naturally, other users came for her with pitchforks in hand because god forbid a mom shows off her sexy side every once in a while.

Amid thousands of supportive comments and compliments were a few jabs made by internet trolls who just couldn't keep their hateful thoughts to themselves. One user wrote "Cover up you're a mother of 3. Grow up!" and another chimed in to remind her that she had children, saying "Are you mad, do you know that you have children? That's so inappropriate." Others took to sharing unsolicited parenting advice that Kourtney definitely didn't ask for: "Learn how to respect yourself girl, remember you're a mother. One day your kids [are] gonna see your nakedness on [the] internet. Keep your clothes on, no shame."

All these negative comments about her parenting ability without even so much as one of her kids in the picture. We hate to see these types of comments on her photo, so here's hoping that moms begin to lift each other up rather than tear each other down ASAP.

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