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You know that panic-filled moment when you can’t find your wallet? What about that sinking feeling when an unknown caller requests your personal information? Or the “to click or not to click?” confusion when you get an email link or text from a supposed “friend”?

While good old-fashioned pick pocketing and dumpster diving have always been a fact of life, modern conveniences like social networking, online banking, and cyber-shopping have made us more vulnerable than ever to identity theft — which means the creepy, stressful experiences described above are becoming all the more common in our everyday.

That’s where LifeLock® protection comes in. Like a personal bodyguard for your personal information, it’s a proactive defense system that relentlessly protects you from identity theft. Watch this video to learn about the membership benefits that include identity theft detection and alerts, lost wallet protection, round-the-clock customer service, and much more.*

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*Disclaimer: Network does not cover all transactions and scope may vary.

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