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Little Girl Doesn't Care About Her Uncombable Hair Syndrome

This Little Girl With Uncombable Hair Syndrome Proves Not All Heroes Wear Capes

It's one thing to have curly hair that tangles badly, but you might not realize that there's such a thing as uncombable hair syndrome. Shilah Calvert-Yin, a 7-year-old from Australia, found out she had the disorder in November 2016. Thankfully, she wasn't bothered by it in the slightest.

"It's not ordinary and it's not boring like everyone else's," Calvert-Yin said to the Daily Mail. "Everyone knows me and remembers me — especially at school; all the grade levels know who I am."

Shilah's mother Celeste realized something wasn't quite right with her locks when she was about 3 months old. "When Shilah was a baby her hair was so soft and fluffy," wrote Celeste in an Instagram post. "Funny thing is it still is. It is not coarse at all but extremely fluffy and breaks away from the root quite easily."


The condition is extremely rare. And according to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Uncombable Hair Syndrome — or UHS for short — is pretty easy to recognize. "The quantity of hair remains normal, but the hair often grows slowly. Over time the hair becomes progressively silvery-blond or straw-colored; dry and disordered (standing out and growing in different directions); and unmanageable to comb flat."

And don't even think about trying to brush it, since trying to manage hair like this can only lead to breakage.

The good news? Most people with UHS tend to grow out of it for the most part. As they get older, their hair becomes easier to deal with and their symptoms lessen.

Until then, Shilah seems to really like her unusual hair: "I think my friends wish they had hair like mine."

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