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Make-a-Wish Grants Kaheem's Wish to Save Washington, DC

How This Brave 5-Year-Old Battling Leukemia Became a Superhero For a Day

Make-a-Wish Grants Kaheem's Wish to Save Washington, DC
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Kaheem, a 5-year-old boy from Maryland who is currently battling leukemia, wanted to help people just like his favorite superheros. Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic helped make his superhero wish come true by setting up a special day for Kaheem to use his superpowers for good.

On Dec. 16, Fox 5 news was there to capture #SuperKaheem's heroic day as he went around the nation's capital completing missions, which included: saving Santa Claus, who was stuck on a Ferris wheel, preventing the Grinch from stealing all the presents at The National Theater, and, finally, rescuing the DC sports mascots from a second floor balcony with the help of DC firefighters.

Kaheem's courageous spirit earned him a shout-out from Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker Paul Ryan, and even The Rock. Keep reading to check out what they each had to say, and then watch Kaheem's heartwarming journey to save DC ahead.

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