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Mark Wahlberg's Kids Don't Like Him Being Shirtless

Apparently Mark Wahlberg's Kids Always Tell Him to "Put a Shirt on" — and We Hate That Story

Mark Wahlberg is a certified hunk, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem that his daughters agree. In a visit to The Ellen Show, Ellen graciously threw a few of Mark's latest shirtless photos that he's been sharing on social media up on the big screen. Although the audience — and us, too — were extremely grateful for the impromptu slideshow, Mark says that his daughters, 14-year-old Ella and 8-year-old Grace, aren't as excited about him flaunting his muscles, which are only getting more defined as he trains for Six Billion Dollar Man.

"Most kids don't have dads that have bodies like this — they must know that this is not a 'dad bod,'" Ellen says. To which Mark responds: "My daughters get very annoyed by the pictures. I get 'Dad, put a shirt on' all the time, even when I have a shirt on! If I have on one shirt, they'll say 'Put another shirt on!'"

Listen, if they don't want him walking around shirtless in their home, he can come live in ours.

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