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Matching Baby Clothes

My Secret Fashion Weapon: Baby Clothes

An absolute delight of being a style-conscious mother of daughters is playing dress-up with your babies. This is particularly fun if you're just not yet feeling yourself after shoving a human out of your body. Your clothes aren't fitting? No problem! It's a fashion show with your kid every day!

When I had my first daughter, I think I'd ranked all of her darling outfits and probably changed her clothes twice a day just to ensure that she wore everything at least once. I would dress her in complete outfits — shoes, hair bows, the works — even if we weren't going anywhere. 

On the days that I actually got dressed, I had this secret dilemma. How could I get dressed so as not to necessarily "match" Iris, but at least ensure that we weren't "clashing" in photos?

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Not that the paparazzi were following us around by any means, but when it comes to your first kid, you know there are cameras out all day, every day. And so I got into this embarrassing habit of coordinating outfits with my kid.

Once my second was born, you'd think I'd be over it, but not so! Now every morning, it's a production weeding through both of my girls' drawers, finding the outfits of similar color and style. And then it's to my closet to find something that "blends" well. (Blend is the word I use when I want my husband to coordinate outfits but I need to convince him we're not "matchy-matchy.")

Since I don't have the wardrobe of a 2-year-old, however, finding matching clothes can be a little tricky. Or sometimes it's too easy and I find myself sliding into something that accidentally matches completely; for example, the day I actually dressed all three of us in purple pants and white tops without noticing until my friend pointed it out. 

But as fitting back into all my old favorite clothes has been slow going, and since I don't want to shop much until my body is back in place, I've found myself gravitating toward the bland, flowy options my closet presents. Always in a coordinating color scheme, yes, but never anything thrilling or that will catch anyone's attention. My clothes are more a backdrop to my daughters' fashion runway.

Then I realized: I'm using my babies' clothes as accessories to my own outfit. I'm starting with something basic and topping it off with something awesome. But what better way to accessorize than with a cutely clothed bundle of joy?

Have you ever coordinated your baby's outfits with your own?

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