You Can Now Get Matching Pajamas With Your Dog, and OMG, Take All Our Money

Dec 24 2017 - 8:30am

Getting pajamas for Christmas [1] is a tradition in many families (some even take their holiday card photos in them), but has your heart ever broken over leaving your dog out of the matching festivities? Worry no more, because Fabdog has come up with the perfect solution: matching human and dog pajamas.

Not only will your kids be so excited to having matching outfits with their best friend, but there's really nothing parents can't be psyched about, too. They are adorable, look super comfy, and won't break the bank. Matching sets are $50, while dog PJs, which can be easily matched to adult PJs you already own, are $25. So, if you haven't taken your holiday card photo yet, set your family apart by including your dog in an adorable new way. After all, they deserve all the love (and flannel) in the world.

Matching Human and Dog Green Plaid PJ Holiday Set

This adorable Green Plaid PJs Holiday Set [3] ($50) is currently sold out, but you can add it to your wish list to get them as soon as they're back in stock!

Matching Human and Dog Blue Plaid PJ Holiday Set

This Red Plaid PJ Holiday Set [4] ($50) is the perfect addition to a cozy night in with your dog, so add it to your wish list for when they're back in stock.

Matching Human and Dog Gray Thermal PJ Holiday Set

This Gray Thermal PJ Holiday Set [5] ($50) is for the simpler souls, but still adorable none the less. Adding these to our wish lists ASAP.

Matching Human and Dog Red Thermal PJ Holiday Set

Nothing says Christmas quite like this matching Red Thermal PJ Holiday Set [6] ($50), so give yourself a gift and add it your wish list.

Dog Buffalo Check PJs

In case you already have similar pajamas and just need a pair for your furry friend, get these Buffalo Check PJs [7] ($25).

Dog Red Poplin PJs

How cute are these Red Poplin PJs [8] ($25)? We'll just have to dig out our old pair so we can match.

Dog Blue Poplin PJs

And these Blue Poplin PJs [9] ($25)!

Dog Pink Poplin PJs

Gah! And Pink Poplin PJs [10] ($25)!

Dog Leopard PJs

There really are no words for these Leopard PJs [11] ($25).

Dog Charcoal Thermal PJs

Everyone has a go-to pair of black pajamas, so you can match with your dog in a second with these Charcoal Thermal PJs [12] ($25).

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