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Maternity Clothes that Last Post Pregnancy

Which Maternity Pieces Lasted Well Past Pregnancy?

Paige at ShopStyle

Try as they might to stay out of maternity clothes, most expectant mamas eventually turn to panels and Spandex to keep themselves covered over their nine-month journey. Sixty-two percent of LilSugar readers said they succumbed to the spacious gear, with many telling us how much more comfortable they were once they made the switch.

Once baby has arrived, most new moms can't wait to shed the paneled clothes and once they've dropped the baby weight, the pregnancy clothes usually find their way into a box or a friend's closet. But for some, there are a handful of maternity items that make their way into the postpartum clothing rotation. A beyond comfortable pair of maternity underwear do it for some, while for others it is a roomy sweatshirt or two.

Which maternity clothes stayed in your closet even after the pregnancy pounds were gone?

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