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Michelle Williams Is Just a Mother Raising Her Child

Celebmama Michelle Williams is just another woman raising a child. But in addition to all the worries that most parents have, the actress is stalked by the paparazzi. In a recent and raw Newsweek interview, the 28-year-old actress expressed her feelings about those behind the lens. She said:

"It burns a fire inside of me, the s––– that I've seen people do to get at me or my daughter," she says. "I won't forget it, and I won't support it. I don't want my daughter growing up feeling spied on or threatened."

After the death of Michelle's former fiancé, actor Heath Ledger, it seems the interest in their now three-year-old has only increased. The article continued:

She can't understand how many more pictures people need of her holding a coffee cup in one hand and Matilda in the other. Williams is especially enraged at female photographers, because she thinks women should be protective of mothers. She tried to give a particularly aggressive paparazzo career advice recently. "I said, 'You're better than this. Look at you! You're young, you're able-bodied, you have a brightness in your eyes. You're above this.' But you know what? She didn't go away."

Williams continued to say that she might quit acting to get her privacy back.


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