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Mickey PDA Toy For Kids

Mickey Goes High-Tech With Helpful Park PDA

On a recent trip to the happiest place on Earth, I noticed that a ton of kids were running around the park with their own toy PDAs. The geek in me was elated, but I wanted to get down to the facts: why were these toys so popular, and what did they do? I found my answer at one of the many gift shops that dot the Disneyland landscape — Mickey's Personal Disney Assistant ($10) was not only a fun, high-tech toy, but it served a pretty helpful purpose as well.

The Micky PDA includes a FastPass alarm (so you know when to head back to take your place in line), a character autograph tracker, a customized trip diary, a space for vacation-related phone numbers, addresses, and hotel info, and best of all — a park scavenger hunt for both Disneyland and Disney World to keep the kids on the lookout for items all around the park. Not only is this PDA perfect for getting your kids prepped for the tech world we live in today, but it will keep them occupied and involved in your family vacay. Give your kids a job — have them monitor how long they have to wait to get on the Indiana Jones ride, or help them find different characters to mark off their autograph list. It's the perfect tech toy to tote along on your trip to Disneyland this Summer, and although I haven't been able to track down a Mickey PDA online, there's plenty to go around inside Disneyland. I may have to get one for myself!

Mickey Goes High-Tech With Helpful Park PDA   originally posted on POPSUGAR Tech
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