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Mom Accepting Her Postpartum Body

Mom's Message About the "Unrealistic Standard" She Had For Her Postpartum Body

Despite some moms speaking out about loving their bodies after giving birth, Kristelle Morgan is still struggling with letting go of what once was.

Although this new mom from Australia recognizes the incredible little human that her body created, she realizes that it's OK to appreciate it while not completely loving how it looks during this stage. Instead of pretending that she admires each stretch mark, Kristelle shared a raw photo on Instagram along with an important message to other moms who are still coming to terms with their new bodies. "I have to remind myself to be nice to my body, I spent nine months creating a life and yes it may never look like it used to but that's okay," Kristelle wrote. "But it's also okay to be sad about it."

Three months after the birth of her baby, Amelia, Kristelle allowed herself to be "superficial for a minute" as she opened up about having a difficult time accepting her new reality. "I had such unrealistic standards of what my body was going to look like after birth (yes probably because I'm way too into following all those super hot Instagram moms)," Kristelle wrote. "But this is the reality for so many of us. And I'm okay with that."


Kristelle opened up about feeling like her stretch marks basically appeared overnight, and because she had her child via C-section, she now has a scar. "My stomach is soft and squishy from my super stretched skin and is covered in stretch marks. Linea nigra still clearly visible, and let's not even start on what's going on with my bellybutton," she wrote. "My body temporarily looking like this is a good price to pay for the sweet little angel I have sleeping next to me."

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