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Mom and Baby Exercises

Work It, Mama! 5 Exercises to Do at Home With Your Baby

Finding time to hit the gym is tough for anyone with a busy schedule — but add a baby to the mix, and it's virtually impossible. That's why we're such big fans of combining quality time with your kiddo and a workout into one manageable routine. And if you can do it at home? Well, that's even better. We caught up with Zoe Bowick Levine of The Thriving Body, who teaches a wildly popular "Work Out Baby" class for moms and their wee ones in Brooklyn, NY. Here are five of Zoe's fave at-home exercises to do with the baby:

  1. Reverse Lunge and Belly Tickle: Stand tall with baby just in front of your right foot. Reach your right foot back into a lunge as you tickle baby's belly with your right hand. Bring right leg back in, stand tall, and repeat 15 times on each side.
  2. Tricep Peekaboo: Lie on your belly with your head toward baby and your hands under your shoulders. Press into your hands and raise your head and chest to play peekaboo with baby. Lower down and repeat 12 times. Try to keep your back relaxed and let your arms (triceps) do the work. Keep your chin slightly tucked — the back of the neck should stay long.
  3. Hip Press: Lay on your back with baby on your belly. Feet should be hip distance apart and knees should be bent. With your core engaged, press your hips up and down 20 times.

Keep reading for more exercises to do with your baby!

  1. Relevés: Stand, holding baby, with your heels together and toes outward. Bend your knees (torso stays upright, heels stay on the floor), then straighten and press your toes into the floor, lifting your heels. Return to your bent knees. Repeat 10 times slow, then 10 times fast.
  2. Bouncing Baby: Hold your baby however he or she is most comfortable. Stand with feet wide and toes turned out. Bend your knees as wide as your hips allow, bounce seven times, then come back up in one count. Repeat eight times.
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