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Mom Breaks Down Time Spent Breastfeeding in a Year

This Mom Broke Down How Much Time She Spent Breastfeeding in a Year — and Just Wow

Jenny Tamas just put breastfeeding into terms any woman who's gone through it can understand — by the amount of time she spent nursing throughout an entire year. And boy, did she just prove that breastfed kiddos get a whole lot of face time (or should we say boob time) over the course of 12 months.

The mom posted a gorgeous photo to Instagram of herself breastfeeding her daughter Lilly with the caption: "So, I did the math — I've been breastfeeding Lilly for one year which means (conservatively) I have fed her from my body 5,475 times, which means (conservatively) I've have spent 1,825 hours holding her to my breast, which also means (conservatively) my body has produced 342 gallons of milk. What I am basically saying is that women have super powers✨ #littlestlilly"

Whoa, talk about crunching the numbers! And we have to agree; whether they breastfeed or not, women definitely have serious superpowers.

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