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Mom Compares Parenting to Ripping Off a Band-Aid

This Mom's Post Nails How Parenting Is Really Just Like "Ripping Off a Band-Aid"

Parenting definitely has its ups and downs, and it can sometimes seem like your kid's childhood is flying by. Alyce Kominetsky, a blogger and parent to a 6-year-old daughter, wrote an ode to this very thought in an Instagram post that compares parenting to pulling off a Band-Aid.

"As our children grow, we watch them become more independent. We celebrate each and every milestone," she wrote. "We watch as the people we created become thriving and incredible human beings. But, with each milestone they reach . . . a little piece of us gets torn away. The initial fear of pulling away . . . the tugs on our flesh . . . the exposure of our skin."

As much as parents want their kids to succeed, they're always a little sad when they leave the nest.

"And, much like raising our children . . . we have to let them go. It's not easy. It's terrifying and painful to watch them venture off," she said.


Kominetsky ended her post by saying that although it's bittersweet, it's also her job as a mother to help her children grow. "We are the ones who do our best to heal their aching wounds. We are the ones who encourage and teach. We are their Band-Aid; always and forever. "

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