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Mom Confession: I Think My Baby is Ugly

Mom Confession: I Think My Baby is Ugly

The birth of a baby often brings moms tears of joy, but it can sometimes bring tears of disappointment. When Circle of Moms member April first got a good look at her son, she almost cried. “He had the most hideous red birthmark on his nose and it was not little,” she says.

Similarly, Jessica admits upon seeing her son, her first thought was, “Oh my gosh, I had an ugly baby.” On the one hand, she believes her feelings were justified — her son’s face was bruised during delivery because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Yet Jessica nevertheless admits that the idea of a mother thinking ill of her child “sounds so horrible.” 

If you, like Jessica, feel sheepish about finding your baby ugly, you may be surprised to hear that you're not alone in your assessment. Here, Circle of Moms members share three reasons to give yourself a break.

1. Ugly Babies are Common

When analyzing your baby’s features, it’s helpful to remember that many newborns look a bit strange after they’ve been pushed, squeezed or even vacuumed out of their former cocoons.

“My own baby was no exception to that rule,” says a Circle of Moms member named Alison, whose son’s first appearance out of her womb was “wonderful, but a little bit strange.” And Brooke enumerates typical reasons for a funny-looking baby countenance: "Some [babies] look like old men, some have baby acne, and some just need to fill out."

It’s very likely that after your newborn settles into his skin, his features will change, and you’ll have a change of heart. For instance, Sherri says, “My middle son looked like a damn alien when he was born. I thought he was so ugly I wouldn't take him in public for the first few weeks,” But within a couple of weeks, Sherri did an about-face because her son “turned into a heart breaker.


2. All Kids Are Awkward at Some Point

Of course, some babies’ unappealing features remain beyond those first few weeks or months. But that doesn’t mean you should rush to change his or her looks. Many Circle of Moms members said Cami Roselles jumped the gun when she got plastic surgery for her first grader and didn’t give her daughter enough time to grow into her looks, even though she was being bullied.

It takes time for an ugly duckling to turn into a swan, mom LaCi explains. The world has “plenty of ugly kids, plenty of cute kids, and a bunch of average kids,” she says. But for the most part, LaCi believes children are all about the same in that they’ll “hit an awkward stage and all look funny” at some point in their lives, and then they’ll likely grow out of it.

Amie agrees, saying her own son “looks a little off” because he is lean and has a huge “noggin,” while her pre-teen is “gangly.” But, she, like Tyrae O., knows that this is just a stage of growth.

“Everyone looks slightly awkward as children, and that's what makes us all so damn cute,” Tyrae says.

3. Beauty Really Is Only Skin Deep

Several Circle of Moms members who were initially put off by their babies’ looks share that an awkward appearance will quickly become a non-issue as your baby's personality starts to emerge. As Jodi reassures, “All babies and children are beautiful in their own right!”

And many, including Ashley and Mary, feel that we place too much emphasis on looks, weight, and height these days, when the ugliest babies can turn into the most beautiful adults because of who they are on the inside. There's a flip side to this equation of course, one that a mom named Laura states succinctly: “The only kids I have ever thought ugly are really naughty kids."

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