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Mom Confession: Sibling Rivalry Never Goes Away

Mom Confession: Sibling Rivalry Never Goes Away

Korinta M. and her sister compete over everything, from who's skinner to who's more successful. It’s a typical sibling dynamic, except that they’re both in their thirties. “Sibling rivalry never stops,” laughs Korinta.

It turns out that they're far from alone. Many Circle of Moms members are experiencing what a recent Wall Street Journal article called "one of the most harmful and least addressed issues in a family," or sibling rivalry that continues into adulthood.

All Grown-Up?

To moms who want to know if it will ever end, Cheryl H. says: “Don't hold your breath! I am one of six and although I have three older brothers, I was the first girl. We are now all aged between 45 and 60. Unfortunately the sibling rivalry is alive and well and the only difference is that the spouses also get in on the act."


Renee C. is having a similar experience with her sister. Though the fierce fighting has abated and they now live on opposite sides of the country, when they visit they fall right back into old patterns. “It takes about three days before the bickering begins. Then the husband comparison comes in: who is raising their kids in the best way, etc., and it's chaos once more. At least as adults we can get over it fast and move on, plus control our tempers and just go cool off.”

Castillo Z. says she still sees sibling discord among her sons who are 31 and 34.  “They compete over everything, even my attention,” she says. “Carlos (oldest) has always said Rob (youngest) is the favorite. Carlos has always had financial difficulty and had to move in with his brother several times. Last year he had a decent job and a little money. He was so excited about being able to get Christmas gifts for everyone. Knowing I have wanted a Kindle for a long time, Carlos purchased one. It could not be delivered until after Christmas and he was upset. When it did arrive I was very happy and Carlos said ‘Well look who's the favorite now.’ Rob's response ‘Yeah, but it won't be for long.’ Carlos in turn said: ‘Yeah, but it’s me for now.’ We all just started laughing.”

Sibling rivalry is also still alive and kicking in Louise A.’s family. This mom of four adult children also finds that it never stops. "I am the mother of a 44, 43, 41, and 38 year old. They love each other, would kill for each other, enjoy each other for awhile, but it is always there. I told them awhile ago that when their dad and I am gone, they will only have each other. They seem to have taken that to heart and stepped up to the plate. Makes me happy to see and they know that."

Are you jealous of your grown-up siblings?

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