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Mom Confessions: "I Had Plastic Surgery to Get My Body Back"

Mom Confessions: "I Had Plastic Surgery to Get My Body Back"

Mom Confessions: "I Had Plastic Surgery to Get My Body Back"

Emily C. says she loves being a mom, but hates the sagging boobs she acquired after her third pregnancy. To get her pre-baby figure back she turned to plastic surgery. "I got implants," she says. "Mainly to balance out my butt in a bathing suit." 

Carol H., who also got breast implants shortly after finishing breastfeeding her daughter, says, "Now I want to go back and get a tummy tuck and some liposuction."   

Emily and Carol are among numerous Circle of Moms members who feel that plastic surgery is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with dissatisfaction over your post-pregnancy shape. In defense of "mommy makeover" plastic surgery, here they share seven reasons they went under (or plan to go under) the knife.


1. "My boobs were in my armpits."

Pregnancy and nursing can change a woman's breasts significantly. Carly H., who has been pregnant or nursing for much of the last five-and-a-half years, doesn't consider herself to be vain, but can't wait "to restore" her body. She feels that her case is extreme: when she lies flat on her back, she says, "my boobs are tucked in my arm pits." She emphatically adds, "I am too young to settle with the body I have left after having my babies. I want my body back."


2. "My stomach looks like chicken skin"

A bulging belly is a common, unwanted hallmark of giving birth, and one that most new moms are determined to banish. Valerie V., who had twins, says she wants to start her makeover with a tummy tuck: "I had stomach skin is what I call "chicken skin" and I HATE it and am very self conscious about it. And a boob job would be AWESOME I think."

3. "My stomach muscles separated and I still have the pooch."

Dyan B. is planning on using plastic surgery to get rid of the bulging belly and muffin top that have plagued her since pregnancy: "My stomach muscles have separated during pregnancy, and [the plastic surgeon] would have to repair those or else I would still have the pooch on the top like I do now. So that entails a lot more recovery time, and a lot more restrictions." She's saving up money so that she'll be able to take off the necessary six weeks from work, and pay for more help at home while she recovers.

4. "Exercise didn't work."

Christina S. is among many plastic surgery fans who say that exercise and diet didn't restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. "There was no uplifting bra uplifting enough," she says, adding, "I deserve the surgery. I love being a mom, but I don't want to wear my pregnancy body forever."


5. "It makes you feel better about yourself."

Many Circle of Moms members agree that getting back to your firm, fit, pre-pregnancy self is a big psychological boost. "I have fake breasts," says Christina S. "I had beautiful natural perky breast and then...they were pancakes. Getting my breasts done lifted my spirits and was the best thing I did to my body besides having my kids." She advises other moms, "Get will love them! You will feel good about yourself. You will love the way you look in everything. You will feel complete."

6. "I abhor my stretch marks."

Laci W. plans to erase her stretch marks, among other things. "They have new treatments in the works for stretch marks. Sign me up! And if ever I have anything that can be tucked, tuck it. I never want to age physically." She adds that she'll also go in for a breast lift and other cosmetic surgeries as she ages. "When I get older, I will eliminate wrinkles by any means necessary."

7. "It was always part of the plan."

For some Circle of Moms members, mommy makeover plastic surgeries were always in the works. "I'm planning on having the 'mommy makeover' when I'm done having kids," says Rolee W. "If we can save up the money for it, a tummy tuck and breast lift/small implants. More for my own comfort than anything. My husband loves how I look. But a bunch of loose skin is not comfy."

Bottom line: no matter what your personal feelings are about going under the knife, numerous Circle of Moms members say that having plastic surgery after pregnancy is a very personal choice, one that all moms should be able to make without being judged by others. Feen N. points out that all women "want to look good, for themselves. Some work out, some buy clothes, and some have surgery. I have no problem with anyone [who] wants to use any of those options."

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