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Mom Confessions: The Most Embarrassing Thing My Kid Has Done

Mom Confessions: The Most Embarrassing Thing My Kid Has Done

Don't you love when your child does or says something unexpected in public that suddenly makes you look like a terrible parent? While it's usually hard to see the humor in the situation when it's happening, we've found that these stories eventually make us laugh. To get us all smiling, we've asked our Funny Mom Bloggers to share the most embarrassing thing their kid has ever said or done. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Cursing Over Candy

"I'd love to say I have just one humiliating moment to share with the world, but unfortunately, there are many. If I was hard-pressed to pick one, I'd have to go with my two-year-old daughter's recent use of the word 'ahhhsshole' on Halloween. That day pretty much sums up my most humiliating parental moment. Ever. It boils down to a toddler reaching into a candy bowl, a woman trying to explain that she's on a budget and some prying of candy out of my daughter's hand. It did not end well." - Kelli Hadfield-Faherty of Narragansett No. 7

2. Training Woes

"It's a close call between the time when my son threw a fit in Target because I wouldn't buy him a training bra ('I AM A BIG GIRL!!!') and the time when he was potty training with the assistance of M&M rewards when he saw two pre-teen girls eating a large bag of M&Ms in a theater. He wanted to know what they did in the bathroom to get so many M&Ms! 'You go poop on the potty? Was it big poop?' Those poor girls." –Allison of Motherhood, WTF?



3. CPS, My Mom Hits Me!

"I was at home, on the phone to DHS (Department of Human Services) about claiming medical travel expenses and was trying to shoo Muffin (3 years old at the time I think) away so I could hear what they were saying  and Muffin, who was wailing and crying, cried out ‘Stop HITTING ME mummy!!! Wahhhhhhhh.’ I was expecting someone to show up on my doorstep after that." -Mee off

4. Cuticles....or Testicles?

"One morning before preschool I trimmed my son's nails and attempted to push back his cuticles. He found this more than annoying and he was grumpy about it all the way to school. His teacher noticed his grouchy mood and asked him what was wrong. He loudly proclaimed to the entire room, 'I HATE it when Mommy pushes my testicles back!' Luckily I was still there to do damage control". –Caryn of Scribbling with Crayon

5. Beer Embarrassment

"I took my two-year-old-daughter grocery shopping to pick up a few things. My husband asked me to buy him a 12-pack of beer. I was eight months pregnant at the time with my second baby, and HUGE! Since my daughter wasn't riding in her stroller — she was just walking alongside it — I put the 12-pack of beer in the stroller so I wouldn't strain my back. A little old lady saw Marley and said, 'Oh, aren't you cute! How are you today?' And Marley responded with, 'My legs are so tired. I really want to ride in the stroller, but I can't because of all the BEER.' –Christine Van Tuyl of Questionable Parenting

Can you top these? Tell us your most embarrassing parenting moment...

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