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Mom and Daughter Halloween Costumes

These Mother-Daughter Halloween Costumes Will Make Everyone Say "Awww"

Settling on the perfect Halloween costume can be a real feat, especially if you're tackling it with your daughter. Whether she's 2 years old and pretty much down for everything or pushing 10 with her own unique vision, these costume ideas are sure to please both parties.

Since there's no such thing as being too matchy-matchy on Halloween, make the most of your night spent trick-or-treating in one of these creative get-ups.

Cotton Candy

Because there's nothing quite as sweet as your kiddo!

Workout Chicks

Even Jane Fonda would be envious of this supersporty look!

Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone

This sweet look is a great option for anyone who watched The Flintstones growing up.


Dress up your little bundle of joy as an adorable little pumpkin. Does it get any cuter than this?!


Finish off this look with a little blush and cool hats before heading out the door.

Because everyone loves a doughnut, right?

Dress 'em up as the character in their favorite Disney flick.

The headbands are such a sweet touch!

Image Source: Instagram user atiseo

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