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Mom Diagnosed with Cancer While Pregnant With Quadruplets

Mom Diagnosed with Cancer While Pregnant With Quadruplets

Colorado mom Ashley Adams was shocked when she found out that she and her husband, Adam, were having quadruplets. But she was even more shocked when her doctor told her that she had cancer. 

Four months into her high risk pregnancy Adams was diagnosed with stage one thyroid cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. "It was scary to find out about the cancer and thinking about what could happen, but if I stressed out about it, the babies would feel it, and I could possibly go into labor even earlier," Adams told CNN. "Dying was not an option, and our doctors were so reassuring that we just held on to that."

To keep the babies safe, Adams decided to wait until after they were born to have the seven-hour surgery that would remove the cancer. Her quadruplets were born at 30 weeks on Aug. 26, 2012, and she had her surgery just a few weeks later.

The quadruplets are still in the hospital, and Adams has been working out a plan with her doctor so that she can try to breastfeed them before undergoing chemotherapy and/or iodine radiation.

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