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Mom Feeds Babies Breastmilk and Formula in Photo

In a Single Photo, Mom Simultaneously Breastfeeds 1 Baby While Giving Formula to Another

For her latest Instagram post, mom Maya Vorderstrasse posed in a peculiar position: she was nursing her nearly 2-month-old baby in one arm while simultaneously holding and bottle-feeding her 1-year-old daughter with her other. It was a feat of strength to be certain, but it was also a seemingly contradictory image for staunch breastfeeding supporters.

In her heartfelt caption, Maya explained how she came to give her two girls two very different sources of food — and most importantly, how neither method changed a thing.

"I always dreamed I would breastfeed my child as long as I could," Maya wrote. "I've seen so many beautiful and amazing journeys through the bonding and comforting experience that it is. I breastfed my first daughter until she was 6 months old, and I loved all of it. It was our time together, so special . . . and no one could take that from me."

But when Maya got pregnant when her first-born, Zoey, was just two months old, her body — and hormones altered her plans. Four months into her pregnancy, "my milk was gone, dried up." It completely disappeared.

I felt my heart shatter, and the guilt consumed me. We had to start bottle feeding and I thought our bond would disappear and that she would think I was not providing for her, until it hit me: nothing had changed. It was still our time, she'd still grab my hair and smile at me with her eyes. She was so happy. Fed. Loved. Now I breastfeed my youngest, but the comfort of knowing that if life throws me a curved ball and I have to stop, or even if I decide to stop, she will be OK. Feeding them is beautiful. Providing for them, seeing them gain weight, grow, and smile and be milk drunk makes my heart jump in happiness.

Maya's message?

"Don't ever feel guilty or like you are inadequate," she said. "Just love them and do the best you can. Whatever your feeding routine consists of, it is hard being a mother, so let's show support for each other! To me, fed is best."

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