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Mom's Funny Rant About Mother's Day Presents

This Mom's Mother's Day Shopping Tips Are Everything You've Ever Wanted to Tell Your Family

Some shoppin tips for Mother's Day...

Posted by Mommas Page on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We're down to the wire on Mother's Day shopping, but if you've caught wind that your family still hasn't figured out what to get you, you might want to show them this. Meet Mommas Page, a self-described "busy Momma just tryin to get through the day on coffee and the hopes that I might be doin SOMETHIN right every now and then."

And when it comes to what moms really want for Mother's Day, Momma knows best. Hearts made by sticking your fingers in paint? "Unless you're like 10 and under, that's not cute anymore. That just looks like a crime scene photo — like your freaking bedroom, which you could clean up." And don't get her started on cleaning appliances. "She's going to hunt your ass down with that vacuum and beat you so bad with it that you're going to drop dust bunnies whenever you fart."

She's not for the faint of heart, but Momma's got quite a few good points here. Let's just hope our families are listening!

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