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The Mom Hairstyle That's All the Rage

The Mom Hairstyle That's All the Rage

The Mom Hairstyle That's All the Rage

If ever there was fashion news that's music to a young mom's ears, this is it: Ponytails! Ponytails! Ponytails of all sorts on the runways this fall. Did you see them? Low and sleek, high and perky, styled with braids and twists— however you pull off your ponytail the good news is you'll be rocking a high-fashion trend with true mom effort.

Because, let's face it, we moms are not using nap time to groom. Why waste precious alone time on things like eyebrow tweezing and hair curling? It goes without saying that an intense beautification process is next to impossible with Baby Girl wanting in on all the action— and then some. (By which I mean that your make-up brush is only fascinating for so long before it inevitably ends up in the toilet. Same goes for the pink toothbrush your toddler is using to "brush" her teeth.)

When my little girl, Iris, hit that busy phase, I developed a new affinity for the ponytail. In fact, I fell so deeply in love with the simple style that I blogged an ode to it and even posed for some crazy photos. Little did I know that what I'd resigned myself to was actually a step forward, fashion-wise. So I'm thrilled to disocover thay I'm all set for winter and maybe even spring.

Courtesy of Fashionista, here are ten runway-inspired ways to wear a ponytail. The best news? None are complicated versions of a style you expect to be easy. They all are based on your most basic ponytail with a simple added feature to change things up and add some sass. 

So now, whether there be spit-up on your shirt or no make-up on your eyes or if you feel you can't yet rock high heels as a mom, fear not! Grab a rubber band and give yourself five seconds. That's all you'll need to be runway fresh this season! Hooray!

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Image Source: Fashionista
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