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Mom's Honest Message About Teething Baby

Mom's Honest Perspective About Doing What You Have to Do to Survive — While Giving "Zero F*cks"

Jules Coffey had the type of night with her daughter, Emmison, where she wouldn't have been surprised if the neighbors called the police about an unattended infant — because that's just how loud and long her 1-year-old was crying.

But in reality, this fussy tot wasn't neglected and despite the hours of being cuddled, rocked, and loved, this teething infant wasn't getting any rest or allowing anyone else to either.

"No, no officer all is fine thank you, but if you could possibly arrest me so I could grab some sleep in the holding cell that would be tops," Jules joked on Instagram while describing the night of endless screams to which so many parents can relate.

Jules explained that she normally doesn't believe in taking such active measures to get her baby to fall asleep but "when your child is in pain like that and screaming uncontrollably like never before - zero f*cks will be given." After trying water, multiple bottles, soothing gel, kisses, a new diaper, and a change of clothes, this exhausted mom learned something that every parent eventually discovers: sometimes nothing works and you have to do whatever you need to just to survive.

"So many emotions are involved as a parent when your child is in distress. Empathy, sadness, frustration, resentment," she wrote. "She was tired. I was tired. Daddy was tired. The dog was tired. I'm sure the neighbors were tired. So to women out there who have had these moments of utter exhaustion and despair, when you feel like you are going to crack, you are not alone."

Instead of feeling isolated and like a failure, this mom is hoping other moms can learn a valuable lesson from her own less-than-ideal, late-night experience.

We are all human, it's normal to go through all the emotions when these tiny people are so reliant on you. It's physically (seriously though my arms and back think they have done a pump class), and emotionally draining. You have just got to do what you have to do in the moment and not be afraid to ask for help … THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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