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Mom Must Pay $1,000 to Continue Feeding Needy Children

Mom Must Pay $1,000 to Continue Feeding Needy Children

Officials have threatened to fine a Pennsylvania mom $600 a day for a zoning violation...because she's feeding needy kids in her neighborhood. 

Angela Prattis, a mother of four, has been setting up plastic tables and folding chairs in her driveway and feeding local children lunch all summer. Working directly with the Philadelphia Archdiocese, Prattis receives pre-packaged food daily from the Archdiocese's "Feeding Program." The 20 or more kids who show up every day are too poor to get a good lunch at home during the summer months.

Angela told Fox News, "It means a lot for them to have a friendly face that they know will be there every day. And for me, I know when they're with me, at the least, they are safe and having fun, and out of harm's way, and not getting into trouble."


The Chester Township Council voted to levy a $600 daily fine if Angela continued. While no fine has yet been levied, the council has ordered her to pay $1,000 to apply for a zoning variance to feed kids next summer, with no guarantee that they will approve the zoning change.

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Image Source: Fox News
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