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Mom's Photo of Baby With Her Postpartum Belly

New Mom Is Calling Out Everything You Don't See in Those Viral Postpartum Photos

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As more moms share photos of their postpartum bodies in support of the physical changes resulting from childbirth, one new mom took to Instagram with her own photo, but she's drawing attention to another side of motherhood that "no one really talks about."

Miami mom, Stella Gomez, posted a raw photo of her adorable baby lying next to her postpartum stomach. But in the honest caption, she explains that "there is more than meets the eye and this is more than just a photo."

Stella started off by acknowledging that "motherhood is simply the most rewarding," but that with so many expectations put on new moms, they can barely process the physical, mental, and emotional changes that occur as they make the transition from pregnancy and giving birth to becoming a mother. "Yes, you'll still look pregnant right after giving birth; no, your old clothes won't fit right away; and for some of us yes, we get these marks that are here to stay," Stella wrote. "But see, this is FAR more than just a photo, and these marks go deeper than you think."


For Stella, this time period is about much more than waiting for her postpartum tummy to shrink or learning to love her new stretch marks:

This is about adjusting into a new role, it's about figuring out how to raise a child, how to do all these things you've never done before.

This is about how to be a new mom without crying every second that you can't figure out why your baby is crying.

This for those bad days and breaking down.

This is for trying, for dedicating, for working hard, and for putting myself last just so I could put her first.

This is for motherhood — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When a baby is born, so is a mother, and with it is a lifetime of lessons. So to all the moms out there going through their own struggles, whatever it may be, kudos to you for doing the hardest job there is while still able to manage a smile just for your little ones. Here's to us!

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