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Mom Photographs Her Own Son's Birth

This Badass Mom Took Her Son's Birth Photos Herself During Labor

Mom Photographs Her Own Son's Birth
Image Source: Lauren Chenault

Having a birth photographer at the hospital has been a trend on the rise for quite some time now, but new mom and photographer Lauren Chenault decided that rather than hire another photographer, she'd take the photos of her son's birth herself. In the throes of labor, Chenault balanced her camera on her belly and snapped as many photos as she could of Kai Arthur's birth.

"I wanted to photograph my own birth to show how powerful women are," Chenault told POPSUGAR. "I'm able to grow a human inside me and push it out, so I wanted to document it. It was amazing capturing them; I wasn't even looking at what I was doing with the camera, I just kept snapping hoping that I got it."

Of course, aside from taking photos, Chenault had to concentrate on pushing, but she's thrilled with the photos she did capture. "Looking back at it I see an amazing image of my son that I'll have forever. As a photographer, I love being able to credit myself for my own work. And this is one that I'm so proud of to call my own."

Scroll through to see a few of the amazing photographs Chenault snapped of her beautiful baby boy's entrance into the world.

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