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Mom Pushes Baby in Stroller While Skateboarding

What This Mom Did on a Skateboard While Pushing Her Baby Makes Her a Total Badass

Maria Oberloher, mom and badass skater, just took the art of balancing to the next level. She posted a video to her Instagram showing off her skateboarding skills by landing an impressive kickflip while pushing her son, Luan, in his stroller. The video has more than 2,000 likes on Instagram, and while many are admiring her tricks (us included!), Maria has also gotten a handful of criticism from naysayers, arguing that she put her baby in danger.

"I would never risk my baby. It was only a slow kickflip. And Daddy was next to us!" she told Inside Edition. Despite the critics, we can't deny how cool we think this mom is. Balancing her son and her skateboarding hobby is a great example of spending time with your little one while still having fun doing activities you love. Check out her video below.

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