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Mom's Response to Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

A Foster Mom Puts the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy Into Perspective With a Single Phrase

When Starbucks's red cups returned to mark the start of the holiday season, there was the usual excitement from fans of the coffee chain, but there was also some anger — that quickly turned to public outrage and polarizing political debate, not to mention Internet memes and loaded #MerryChristmasStarbucks hashtags — over the new design that was stripped of snowflakes, ornaments, and more Christian-friendly designs in lieu of a more minimalistic approach.

But one woman, a foster mom, had an entirely different reaction to the red cup controversy. In an Instagram post that was later shared by FosterLoveForeverHome, Kate Rallis put it into terms any humane person could comprehend:

"If one family in one out of every three churches adopted a child from foster care, there would be no more orphans in the United States. But please, tell me more about how offensive this red cup is."

For the foster community that has begun sharing this post, it's serving as a good reminder that, no matter what side you are on, there are issues more important than what's printed on a paper cup worthy of our collective outrage, too.

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