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Mom Reveals What It's Like Raising a Violent Child

Mom of "Violent Child" Insists Parenting Isn't Always to Blame

We've all seen them: those kids at the playground who seem a bit too "rough" — who kick and punch and scream and kick some more. But what if that kid was yours?

Mom blogger Constance Hall revealed that one of her four children is, for lack of a better word, "violent." She also opened up about what it's like to be blamed for it: "Be it that the majority of us aren't inclined to hate on a kid, I hear the concerned moms saying comments like, 'Poor kid, obviously sees a lot of violence at home.'"

Before you too presume that it all comes down to bad parenting, read the rest of her candid Facebook post for a different perspective:


Maybe that makes us feel better, knowing that there is a reason for violence in a child, hopefully that will minimize the chances of us getting a violent one.

Well... I have a violent child.

Rumi is a f*cking little monster. Today I turned my back for a split second and he had backed Snow into a corner and was kicking and hitting her with meth head force. I pulled him away and hugged Snow, Rumi went on to kick Arlo.

He lashes out, it's just who he is.

And I can tell you one thing I know for sure, my household has a lot of shit things – it's messy, it's relaxed on rules, we argue, kids stay up late, last night BV was painting at 9:30pm. But one thing it is not is violent.

My 3 other kids are gentle. Somehow I just got this gang member throwback.

So please don't jump to conclusions that a child's behavior is a reflection of a parents' abilities to care for them. Some of us just got a weird one.

As for anyone who thinks that they too may have a similarly "violent kid" at home, there's one important lesson Constance has learned.

"It's our responsibility to keep violence away from all kids, but if you have one with a particular interest in it, then you must give them the extreme opposite," she wrote. "Don't ever punish with violence or condone it in anyway. Extra snuggles, extra kindness, and extra kisses. And with a bit of love, you won't have a psychopath on your hands."

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