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Mom Says School Tortured Her Son

Mom Says School Tortured Her Son

Do you ever worry that a teacher, counselor, or other caretaker is indifferent to your child? When you're the mom of a disabled child, it seems you have to worry more.

Massachusetts mom Cheryl McCollins is up in arms over the "horrific" disciplinary treatment her teen son, Andre received at his school, The Rotenberg Center, which she witnessed via videotape. The tape shows Andre being tied down and shocked 31 times over 7 hours, without bathroom breaks, water or food.

The school's attorney describes the electric shock therapy Andre received as safe, effective, and beneficial to the kids who receive it, but McCollins says not so, citing Andre's acute stress response.

The McCollins family is pursuing a lawsuit against the Rotenberg Center and would like the videotape to be released for public viewing.

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