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Mom Shares Video of Baby With Whooping Cough

Mom Posts Video of Baby Suffering From Whooping Cough to Encourage Vaccinations

"This video may distress some people," starts Sandra Tee in a caption to a video she posted to Facebook of her daughter, Heidi, in the hospital. "I'm sharing to show just how scary and dangerous whooping cough is to babies who are too young to be vaccinated. This is my 5-week-old baby during an episode where she chokes and stops breathing."

The minute-long video of Heidi's silent suffering is difficult to watch, but Sandra is sharing her baby girl's vulnerability for good reason.

Babies rely on herd immunity to keep them safe and unfortunately we cannot achieve that without high vaccination rates. Whooping cough is not always a loud obvious cough. The scary symptom for babies is when they don't cough but silently choke and turn blue/purple from lack of oxygen. . . . Please don't ignore the warning signs — our baby girl only had a slight cough to start. Please share this to educate more people on the importance of vaccinations.

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