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Mom Throws Baby Out Window to Save His Life

Mom Throws Baby Out Window to Save His Life

Texas mom Marena Vasquez threw her four-month-old son, Ricky, out her apartment window on Friday to save him from a fast-approaching fire.

She called for help from her window when she realized that flames were moving quickly toward her apartment. Her husband, Ricardo Vasquez Jr., and a friend, Antonio Olvera, heard her cries from outside. Ricardo Vasquez ran up to the apartment and broke in the door to get to his wife, while Olvera instructed her to throw Ricky to him — and successfully caught the baby.

Four families who lived in the burned building have been displaced by the fire, but Marena Vasquez says that since she and her family are safe with no injuries, she's received the best Christmas gift she could get.

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Does your family have a disaster and fire safety plan?

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