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Mom Turns Daughter's Wheelchair Into Princess Carriage

Cue the Tears: Mom Turns Daughter's Wheelchair Into Cinderella Carriage For Halloween

Three-year-old Roslyn Breen loves Disney, so her mom wanted to do something particularly special for her this Halloween. Roslyn got to channel one of her favorite Disney princesses, Cinderella, when her mom turned her wheelchair into her very own princess carriage. Showing off what's undoubtedly one of the sweetest — and most creative — Halloween costumes we've ever seen, Roslyn's mom, Tiffany, told Fox 17, "Ros is forever my little princess. And she loves Disney, so Cinderella was definitely something we knew she wanted to be."

Roslyn's mom made the carriage herself using materials she grabbed from her tub of Christmas decorations, like tinsel, ribbon, and battery-operated lights, plus a couple of extra things like hula hoops. "I wanted her to draw attention in a positive way," she said. Based on the adorable smile on Roslyn's face, it's safe to say she's happy with the way her incredible costume turned out! Between the carriage, the spot-on Cinderella dress, and even the Cinderella slippers, Roslyn looked like a princess pro driving her wheelchair, and she even prompted people to pause for photos with her at the Zoo Goes Boo event in Michigan. Check out Fox 17's full video above to see Roslyn's carriage in action and hear what she has to say about it.

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