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Mom's Tweet About Putting Pockets on Girls' Clothes

This Mom's Viral Tweet Shows Exactly Why Clothing For Little Girls Needs to Change ASAP

Heather Kaczynski, a mom of a 3-year-old daughter, has a PSA for all kids' clothing manufacturers: for the love of all things holy, please start putting real pockets on little girls' clothes. In a since-deleted tweet, Kaczynski decided to voice her frustrations on Twitter, and her message immediately went viral. As it turns out, many other parents have the very same complaint, so they decided to piggyback on her initial statement, seconding that it's time for a change in the toddlers' clothing industry.

Once the tweet officially went viral, Kaczynski wrote a follow-up comment to really get the point across:

Only time will tell if kids' clothing companies will listen!

Image Source: Flickr user hlkljgk
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