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This Supermom Used Extreme Couponing to Feed 30,000 People Before Her 30th Birthday

Update: Before her 30th birthday, Lauren Puryear set out with the mission of feeding 30,000 people from extreme couponing and she still has months to go before her September goal. Lauren has spent the last several months traveling along the east coast to deliver her food to shelters and human services programs in need and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"After I couponed for 50 jars of Ragu sauce and 100 boxes of Barilla pasta all for FREE, I knew I was going to make a difference in the world," she told Scary Mommy. "I will keep on feeding until then and see what number I can get up to," she said. "Maybe 300,000!"

Original story: Lauren Puryear is no rookie at coupon cutting; in fact, she's so gifted that she's used her skills to feed thousands of people in need. This 29-year-old mom is giving extreme couponing a good name after making headlines for feeding the homeless. She launched For the Love of Others in 2012 after the death of her grandmother and honored her by doing something Puryear's grandmother always did: helped those in need.


She started off buying food in bulk from stores like Costco and BJ's, but she soon realized she wanted to feed more people, and couponing was her answer. She needed to bring more food to those who truly needed it. Puryear said that if she does it the right way, she can feed up to 150 people using only $20!

She's a single mother of a 5-year-old boy and is hoping to teach him about her philanthropic ways. "It is very important to teach him to help other people," she said. "The little things we take for granted, the food we throw away every day . . . and if we just spread a little more love around, the world would be such a better place."

As of now, she's delivered an incredible 5,000 meals but has set the goal of 30,000 meals by September 2017 for her 30th birthday. Read about Puryear's organization, and then, take note of these extreme couponing tips.

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