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Mommy's Lil Helper: Itzbeen

Mommy's Lil Helper: Itzbeen

No one ever said that the initial weeks following a baby's arrival were easy. Between the lack of sleep, nonstop feedings, and adjustment to a new being, moms are lucky if they remember to brush their teeth.

Then you have to keep track of the last time the baby ate, when and how long he slept, and diaper changing. If you are like me, you tried to dedicate a notebook to this task and then misplaced it.

That's why the Itzbeen ($25), a baby-care timer that helps parents and caregivers keep track of baby-care details seems like a lifesaver. To learn more, read more

The Itzbeen displays how long it has been since the last changing, feeding, nap, etc. It also includes a small switch to help moms remember which side they last nursed on and a night light to help you find your way back to bed at night.

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