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The Reason This Mother Was Asked to Leave Church With Her Baby Will Shock You

Tanya Ogle attended Church on Sunday with her 7-month-old son, Braydon, last weekend and was shocked when she was asked to leave — for breastfeeding her son during the service.

Ogle has been told each week for the past couple of months by the staff at Grace Church in Indiana that there are amenities for nursing mothers — including a nursing room but also the option to stand behind a partition or use the restroom — but she believes that every mom should have the right to breastfeed, even in church.

Last weekend, Braydon appeared to be hungry 20 minutes into the service, so Ogle began to breastfeed. She was approached by a member of staff and presented with the usual options, but then a new choice was offered to her — leave the premises. Ogle was taken aback and expressed her beliefs to WISH, "Breastfeeding is not a sexual thing, women should not feel shamed or embarrassed to nurse where they need to."

The church released a statement saying that they were saddened that the situation escalated to the point of the staff asking the mother to leave. Ogle is now looking for a new church to attend.

Would you breastfeed during a religious service? Do you think the same reaction would have been had by the staff had she been bottle feeding?

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