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Must-Do Activities For Toddlers

What's on Your Toddler's "Potty List"?

Every season my kids and I create a "bucket list" of activities we want to do before the weather changes. Right now, given that it's Winter, that list includes everything from building a family of snowmen to learning how to play hockey (never mind that my son doesn't know how to ice-skate yet!). While some moms I know have their own "40 before 40 lists" of the 40 things they want to do before hitting the big 4-0, I never thought about actually creating age-specific lists for my kids.

Across the pond, Cow and Gate, a British baby-food maker, surveyed 1,000 parents to see what they wanted their kids to do before they turned 3. Among the top 10 items were "making a mud pie" and "climbing a big hill." Nowhere on the list were the ultracompetitive milestones often overheard on the playground here in the states. Rather, the parents named timeless experiences we could all desire for our kids.

Keep reading to see the entire list and, tell me, what's on your toddler bucket list?

  1. Made a mud pie
  2. Baked a cake
  3. Finger-painted
  4. Sung loudly in public
  5. Climbed a big hill
  6. Picked fruit
  7. Danced without any inhibitions
  8. Made sand castles on the beach
  9. Been chased by a monster
  10. Jumped in a puddle so hard the water went in mummy's shoe, too

What's on your toddler's list of must-do activities?

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