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My Christmas Jello Obsession

My Christmas Jello Obsession

I had this genius idea of making the 12 Days of Christmas from Jello. It turned out to not be my best idea. I think I had a plan for two of the 12 days, but after that it was a blank!

My first brilliant idea was to create a Jello pear (for a partridge in a pear tree) by making a mold out of a balloon and masking tape. It worked beautifully when I tested the shape with water from the tap, but when I tried to use a calpol syringe to force the Jello into the ballon it all back fired– I stood there with Jello spirting up my nose and all over my clothes! For lords a leaping I tried to make Jello mustache lollies, but they fell straight off the sticks.

In my attempt to photograph the Jello (quite difficult as the light really bounces off it), I decided to make a Jello plinth. (Well, I filled some tupperwear with Jello to use as a stand.) I placed it on a larger piece of tupperwear and lit it from underneath with a camping head lamp. It all seemed like a good plan until it all started to collapse. While I took the photo there was Jello everywhere!


At one stage, my days seemed consumed by making Jello. The fridge was full of different shapes and flavors... until Jellogate. One morning, the alarmed was raised when the Jello turtle doves and two of the four colly birds I made had gone missing. As I interrograted the kids, my husband wandered into the kitchen looking guilty. "It could well have been me," he confessed later. "I just can't really remember." Classic passive aggressive behavior, my friends diagnosed. 

One of my kids was in seventh heaven with all the Jello testing, the other has vowed not to eat another mouthful of the stuff ever again. The Jello was becoming an issue, so I decided to step away from it... but not before I'd diversified to include chocolate and cookies.

It's all done now, and I haven't made Jello since. Maybe one day I'll be able to get back into Jello... small steps!

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