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My Daughter's Memorial for the Sandy Hook Victims

My Daughter's Memorial for the Sandy Hook Victims

My Daughter's Memorial for the Sandy Hook Victims

A lone man forced his way into an elementary school in a small town in Connecticut and did the unthinkable. He shot down twenty beautiful children and six adults. I'm a first time mom. I'm not sure if being a parent is what's making this tragedy hit so hard or just the sheer horror of the entire incident. I watched the news and just wept. My heart is breaking for the parents who rushed to the school that day but did not return with their babies.

When you watch the news and you hear that twenty children were gunned down you are shocked. Many times you don't even realize the thoughts that come until much later. But shortly after I saw my daughter Matilda's toys. As I stood there looking at her Christmas presents it hit me even harder, and I began to weep again. These parents will be looking at presents that will go unopened. They will face this terrible day for the reset of their lives.

I wanted to do something to honor the memories of those precious children. Something that shares that we are thinking of them, that we are with them. So I took one of Matilda's treasured toys and with a Christmas bow, tied it gently to the tree outside our home. Then I invited my other friends to do the same.

It's just a small way that we can say to the parents in Connecticut, 'You are not alone." We are weeping with you. We are thinking of you and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We also added a Pinterest board (Memorial For Sandy Hook School) for anyone else who'd like to share their own memorial.

I cannot even begin to imagine what these parents are going through. If we will keep them in our hearts somehow maybe healing will come quickly. I hold Matilda tighter each day. I treasure our time on Earth. 

I didn't know what else to do. I felt hopeless, and at least somehow this reminds me of those precious and beautiful lives so tragically taken before their time.

My prayers are with all those dealing with this terrible and shocking tragedy. 

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